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The best manicure for short nails: 10 ideas from fashion bloggers

The best manicure for short nails: 10 ideas from fashion bloggers
Japanese patterns, starry sky, plaid can be the perfect option nail design. The most topical manicure ideas for short nails from the top bloggers see in our selection.
Outer heaven @moyou_london
Stars, rockets and planets printed on a gradient background, it looks very original and interesting. With such a manicure cannot be overlooked: people may shower you with compliments.

Graphic minimalism from @paintboxnails
Two contrasting colors that are combined in this manicure, make it bright and unobtrusive at the same time. Nails with this design will have to grow unnoticed, which becomes the absolute advantage, if you know when the next hike expected in a nail salon.

Japanese motives from @nailinghollywood
Waves, storks and cherry blossoms very harmoniously in this manicure. All the elements complement each other and create on the nails the whole story.

Pastel rainbow from @butterlondon
A great option for those who want a change but not ready for bold designs or bright colors. Pastel shades look very gently and carefully. This manicure will go with any outfit.

Scottish cage from @ryu_unni
Great idea for nail Polish — Scottish cage. The warm shades on the nails creates a feeling of peace and set up a meeting with a beautiful fall.

Twinkling stars by @chalkboardnails
Star manicure with a divorce is ideal for those who love the radiance and glitter. Candy-pastel colors looks cheerful, and glitter accents.

Minerals from @chelseaqueen
This manicure is similar to a slice of rock. In our opinion, this idea can be a great alternative marble manicure. Take note!

Broken glass from @glitterfingersss
Lovers of dark shades, the perfect manicure with a banner of self expression.It was against a dark background that improvised pieces of glass look especially impressive.

Animal print by @stephstonenails
If you have not yet decided on an animalistic print in clothes (by the way, it has not been considered tasteless and vulgar for a long time), start with nails. Leopard manicure looks bold and at the same time incredibly stylish.

Abstract illustration by @paulinaspassions
In this design option, the master can express himself as much as possible. We offer you to pay attention to manicure in bright colors with the addition of copper-gold strokes. It looks great!

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