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Nail glitter trend or not?

маникюр с глиттером

The holiday, which always with you — a manicure with the glitter. Tell how to do nail art with glitter to be a trend.
The most rigorous way can be a little more fun and relaxed if you add some glitter, so the glitter were more likely to use make-up and manicure. Tell what the glitter, how it happens, and how to decorate their fingernails, adding different designs.

зеленый маникюр с блестками
The types of glitter
Glitter is large sparkles of colored foil or metallized paper. They can be very different forms.
Glitter is often confused with the shimmer, but the difference between them is significant: shimmer is a very fine particles of shining dust that gently shimmer on the nails, slightly shimmering; glitter, on the contrary, because of their size, noticeable, conspicuous, shining brightly.

Glitter is different, and each subspecies has its advantages. Choose the one you prefer to use.

лак с глиттером
The manicure liquid glitter is a clear nail Polish with large glitter. To put it conveniently, only need to put this nail Polish. However, the density of the coating in a single layer will be small. If you want glitter on the nails was more, have a brush to select them from the bottle.


рассыпчатый глиттер
This glitter is popular among the masters of manicure in the salon professionals know how to handle it, not to pave sequins all around. However, you can learn how to use it at home. This glitter can be sprinkled entire nail plate so that it becomes a solid shiny surface.
The specks of loose glitter can be different shapes: round and square, “shredded”, in the form of stars. There are no limitations: manufacturers are experimenting with a variety of options.

Картинки по запросу ногти глиттер

Картинки по запросу ногти глиттер

Картинки по запросу ногти глиттер

Картинки по запросу ногти глиттер

Картинки по запросу ногти глиттер

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