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Manicure for women 40+, which will help to hide age

Manicure for women 40+, which will help to hide age
If you don’t want to hand given the age, it is necessary to care for them according to the rules. We chose the six most important.
Remember about the daily care of hands
Pigmentation and fine lines — so manifest age-related changes hands. They can be eliminated with good care. From pigmentation creams will help with fruit acids — they are best used at night. And in the afternoon be sure to use products with SPF protection, as the fruit acids increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun.

To stimulate Samoobrona skin and wrinkles, use creams with peptides and herbal extracts. They stimulate the process of recovery, skin regeneration and cell renewal. To see the result, you need to undergo.

Definitely every night after shower, apply on the area of the cuticle nail oil, RUB it until fully absorbed. The composition of the oil contains elements that soften the cuticles, nourish soft nail, strengthen the nail plate.

Start a once a week deep treatment for hands
Once a week do a peeling for hands. In its composition may be the fruit acids or small abrasive particles that remove dead skin flakes and stimulate the skin renewal and help to better absorb the components of care in the deeper layers of the epidermis.

After the scrub, apply the mask for hands. Best of all, if it’s patches, they are presented in the form of gloves. It is composed of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, plant extracts that penetrate in deep skin layers and stimulate cellular renewal. Also once a week to do the bath for nails with sea salt. It helps to whiten the skin, accelerates the growth of nails and strengthens them.

Select the form of nails

The success of rejuvenating manicure form nail. It is important that they look long and graceful. Rely on what you have fingers. If they are long like a pianist, a suitable soft square. If short, the ideal form for you oval. It visually makes the nails longer.






Use the tops and bases
To nails were strong, and on the plate did not appear the defects such as yellow or white spots, be sure to use a base before applying nail Polish. Look for products with calcium and vitamins. These ingredients strengthen the nails. On top of nail Polish be sure to apply the top to secure the nail Polish. If the nails are broken, choose paints with reinforcing components.


Consider shades of nail Polish.
Another important option in the anti-aging manicure — shades of varnish. They can visually rejuvenate the hands and allow you.

Bright colors

Bright shades distracts you from age-related changes and focus on the nails. Good camouflage the shortcomings of red, orange, plum, ripe raspberry, bright pink tone.




Neutral tones     

Shades of classic manicure — also a win-win. Especially if you pick them under the skin tone, then they visually lengthen your fingers and make your nails elegant.

For light skin tones suit dusty rose, pink, shades of sand. For the perfect Golden olive and chocolate tones, hints of cocoa, cappuccino, grayish-brown.



Shades with metallic effect sequins or camouflage imperfections and shortcomings of the nail plate, add cool transitions of color on the nails.



What shades should be avoided

Do not use in manicure shades with a bluish undertone, it will highlight the veins (often with age). Yellow tones also should be excluded, they are attracted attention to pigmentation.

Follow trendy manicure ideas

Negative Space Design, Contouring Nails

Do not paint your nails under Khokhloma. Your credo is conciseness and sophistication. From modern design options, negative space is suitable.

Lunar manicure, French

Classics like french and moon manicure also remains relevant. Another interesting design is the contouring of nails. This technique visually lengthens the fingers, masking imperfections in the skin of the hands and the nail plate.

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