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Kids manicure and pedicure set

All for and against children ‘s manicure
Imitating your mother or older sister and trying to test “adult” cosmetics is the natural desire of a younger girl. Experts say there ‘s nothing wrong with it. Moreover, the girl ‘s desire to look beautiful needs to be encouraged. But the primary task of an adult is to teach the child tidiness and accuracy.

Thinking whether to make a baby manicure or not, we recommend weighing everything “for” and “against.” Treats advantages:

  • Instilling in the child the habit of keeping the hands clean and tidy;
  • Improving child hygiene;
  • Training of the girl from the habit of rodent nails, which helps to prevent deformation of nail plates, formation of wounds on the skin around nails, infection;
  • Visual demonstration of the concept of female beauty to the child, instilling good taste;
  • Training the child to take care of himself/herself;

Bringing mother and daughter together during a joint business – holding a manicure or going to a beauty salon.
There is no speciall nail salon for kids, thats why Pay attention to safety and sterility. Girls with beautiful nails and well-maintained handles increase self-esteem, self-confidence appears. A beautiful manicure can boast of friends, stand out among peers. From a psychological point of view, a beautiful baby manicure is no less important than from a hygiene point of view.
If you do the manicure to the children correctly, the procedure has no shortcomings. The main thing is to choose safe coatings and observe the right technology.

Nail ideas for kids
On the network you can find interesting manicure ideas for young fashion girls. As a rule, the category of “children” includes multicolored, pesky designs. Bright combinations of coatings and funny drawings on short nails – “business card” of children ‘s designs. A wide variety of topics are chosen for the drawings. If it is seasonal, for example, autumn design, you can draw on nails drops of rain, leaves, funny hedgehog. For winter design usually used drawings of snowflakes, red deer, Christmas trees.

Options for older girls are simple, accurate and moderate. This is especially true for girls of school age, because manicure to school should not be catchy, calm.

Nail art design for kids:

Juicy oranges or watermelons, smiling banana, strawberries in cream – what girl will refuse such decoration of her nails? If the design is performed by a professional manicure master, the drawings can be drawn with special colors. At home, baby manicure can be made using special stickers,and its easy design for kids. You can decorate them both all fingers and only a few of them.Simple drawings of strawberry, watermelon slice, apple, raspberry or kiwi halves can be made with toothpicks and colored lacquers.


Manicure with the image of favorite cartoon characters can afford both a very little girl and a teenage girl. Such designs look fun and attract attention.

Of course, in adolescence there are certain restrictions related to the school dress code. A bright cartoon manicure with funny minions or Disney bowl mauss is suitable for summer or for a period of school holidays.

Using stickers and decorative lacquers, you can make a funny design with cartoon drawings for one evening, for example, to go with friends in a movie or on a birthday to a girlfriend.

With animals and insects
Butterflies on a pink background for a little girl are like a classic french for a stylish woman – a popular and unmistakable solution. You can add glitter to the design or decorate some nails with flowers. Such a children ‘s design will be suitable for summer.

For teenage girls it is possible to use animalistic drawings in design, but it is better to move from realistic depiction of animals and insects to silhouette, graphic. The contour of the cat, the zebra strips, the butterfly silhouette, made with thin lines on the colored coating, look more adult and more restrained.

Daily manicure
Older girls for everyday socks can be made a gentle manicure in calm shades. In “favorites” girls have all shades of pink-siren gamut. As an option “for every day” for teenagers will fit pink manicure, a simple design in beige, nud, pastel tones. Gentle blue, light lilac, whitened pistachios, vanilla, zephyr – all these shades will be suitable for manicure for children. With their help you can make a one-ton manicure, gradient design, moon neil art. These options look discreet and do not attract unnecessary attention, which means that they can be chosen as a school manicure option.

Matte top combined with nyd shades will help “kill two hare” at once. First, it creates a trendy effect, and second, a nud matte manicure looks natural and natural, as if nails are not covered.

Overhead nails for children
On the eve of the holiday, for example, children ‘s birthday, mothers and daughters try to think about the image of a young fashion girl to small things. Overhead nails can help create holiday onions. It ‘s an easy way to make a spectacular manicure for a teenage girl.

The patch nails are in the form of thin plastic plates that mimic the shape of the nail. As a rule, they have created a beautiful design, which is difficult to perform on its own. But many moms care whether such trendy buti pieces can be used at a young age.

Experts warn that it is often not safe to tick the overhead nails to children. They disrupt nail plate nutrition, which can lead to nail problems in adulthood. If you use the overhead nails 1 – 2 times, on a special occasion, nothing terrible will happen. The main thing is to choose quality products of well-established manufacturers such as El Corazon, TNL. Then you will not have to worry about the safety of glue and materials from which artificial plates are made.

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