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How to remove gel nails at home

How to remove gel polish at home safely, all the ways.
It would seem that removing gel polish is not a difficult process, you need to moisten a cotton pad in a special liquid and wrap it with foil or fix it with clips. Wait for the set time. Then clean off the remains with an orange stick and that’s it.

But often, something goes wrong, the varnish does not want to lag at all or leaves only in pieces. Ditching two hours and a bunch of nerves, an inexperienced master, as a result, rips off the remaining coating by force. Thus, injuring the nail plate. After such executions, the nails exfoliate and break, and the new coating no longer holds. To avoid such tragedies, read our article to the end, we analyze in detail all the methods for removing gel polish, common mistakes and life hacks.

How to remove gel polish with clips, silicone caps or foil.
Not infrequently, you can hear that gel polish spoils nails. However, the matter is not in him, many girls go with him for years and do not experience any problems. Often, the matter is in violation of the procedure for removing gel polish, because doing it yourself, without experience, you can ruin your nails. Especially when gel polish begins to be peeled off or torn off, this is a gross mistake, not a single master does.

The problem can also be hidden in excessive savings when a special liquid is replaced with the first cheap tool that comes to hand. Yes, even such a tool performs its function. And you can not pay attention to burning or unpleasant smell. But in the long run, the effects on nails will be negative. We recommend that you refuse to remove the gel polish with acetone and use professional fluids.

So, to remove the varnish gel we need:

Cotton pads, familiar and comfortable. They can be replaced with lint-free napkins or cotton wool.
Special fluid.
Orange sticks or pusher-shovel.
File and buff, for filing the topcoat.
Clamps for cotton pads: foil, clip-on clips or silicone caps.
Cuticle oil.

Средства для снятия гель лака

Using foil to remove gel polish is not the best option. There is a misconception that the foil fits the nails more tightly, and this improves the process of softening the varnish. However, working with it takes a lot of time. Each finger has to be wound separately and so that the foil does not fall off. In addition, it ends and you have to buy it.

For salons, foil may be better, since reusable retainers will need to be sterilized each time. But at home this is not necessary.

Gel Polish Remover

You can remove gel polish without foil, for this, clips for removing or silicone caps are great.

Clips (clips) – made of durable plastic, very convenient to use, attached to the nails in a couple of seconds. Virtually unkillable, they will serve you for years. It is only necessary to rinse them with water after each gel polish removal procedure.

Silicone caps are also very convenient and practical, they fit the nails as tight as possible. Reusable and durable, but can not be compared with clips. Looking after them is also simple, rinsed and forgotten.

About the process of removing gel polish
Having dealt with what we need and having prepared everything, we proceed to the step-by-step procedure for removing gel polish from nails.

First, remove the top with a buff or nail file, this speeds up and facilitates the process. Do not skip this step.

Take a piece of cotton pad or cotton wool, moisten in a liquid to remove. We apply to the nail, slightly twist the edges onto the free edge of the nail. We wrap with foil or dress clips.

With caps, it is better to put a dampened napkin into the cap and then insert a finger there, with your fingernail to the napkin.

how to remove gel polish

как снять гель лак

By the way, even with professional liquid, fingers can bake when removing gel polish. This is easy to avoid. Cut a cotton pad to approximately the size of the nail. It is often advised to cut into 4 parts, but this is not always true, sometimes it is better to divide into 6 pieces. The same principle with a cotton swab or napkin, you do not need too much.

Now we are waiting for the set time, 10-15 minutes, no longer needed. Read the time recommendations on the packaging with the liquid beforehand.

After waiting, remove everything from the nails. It remains only to remove the remnants of gel polish, to do this we use an orange stick, a pusher or a spatula.

как снять гель лак

Beginners are not recommended to use metal tools, but only sticks. Although, if the varnish is well soaked, it does not make much difference than to remove it. However, when using tools, we recommend that you exercise reasonable care.

how to remove gel polish

Remove gel polish with soft, pushing movements, along the growth of the nail. No need to push, and even more so do not rip off. If the gel polish does not go away, you can repeat the soaking procedure, or use the tips below.

After all the residual coating has been removed, a nail file with a grid of 180/240 will go over the nail.

The final step is to apply cuticle oil with light massaging movements.

Removing gel polish with special napkins with impregnation
Napkins are moistened in solution and packaged in airtight bags. Used once, but are not cheap. There are Chinese counterparts, prices are more affordable, but gel polish may not go away on the first try.

This method differs only in that you do not need clips or caps. We saw off the top, tear off the bag, inside already lies a dampened napkin. We fixed the bag on the nail and wait 10-15 minutes. Further the procedure is identical with the previous option.

How to remove gel polish with the apparatus
Removal by the device is a way that is gaining popularity more and more, not only in salons, but also at home. The best nozzle in this business is ceramic corn.

The advantages of the milling cutter include a high speed of coating removal, the procedure takes only a couple of minutes. Using the device allows dispensing with liquids that contain chemistry, which is especially true for girls with very sensitive skin or prone to allergies.

снятие гель лака фрезером

gel polish milling

In addition, the milling cutter is a multifunctional device, with its help you can perform manicure and pedicure. In skilled hands, this is a quick and safe way to remove any kind of artificial turf.

Another option for removing old coatings from nails, using a special device, it is called Steamer. Liquid is poured inside, and the fingers are located in special holes. Soaking occurs due to evaporation. In time from 5 to 15 minutes. But he is not particularly popular.

gel polish remover using an apparatus


снятие гель лака с помощью аппарата

Forget about acetone, at all.

Soak nails for 30 minutes or an hour. Follow the fluid manufacturer’s recommendations. The best way not to forget about your nails is to set a timer on your phone for 10-15 minutes.

Lifehacks for removing gel polish
What to do if gel polish is not removed?

It is known that the coating soaks faster in heat, there are a lot of options to warm your fingers.

If you use foil, note that it has two sides, one shiny and the other matte. The glossy side repels heat, but the matte one does not. Therefore, we wrap the matte side up. Yes it works.

It sometimes happens that gel polish does not peel off at the tips, although it has gone everywhere. It’s easy to fix, we take the most ordinary file a bit to file the end face. Next, perform the soaking procedure and everything will depart without problems.

If gel polish is not removed from time to time, which happens with some Chinese companies, try not to use ultrabond. If this does not work, the “varnish square” method will help you. Before applying the base, coat the central part of the nail with a clear varnish or top for a regular varnish. The cuticle, edges and butt are not affected. After it dries, apply everything in a standard manner.

We hope that our tips and tricks will help you to easily deal with the old coating, without noise and dust.

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