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How to create good mood with Christmas nails

The New Year is an amazing holiday that is associated with fun, miracles, mandarinas and Christmas nail designs. Everything shines around with mischief, garlands and Christmas tree decorations. On New Year ‘s Eve, every woman wishes to look irresistible. So run to the nearest beauty salon to make an interesting layout, possibly make-up and certainly a beautiful manicure.

How to make beautiful New Year manicure at home?

Now, we give you some christmas nails ideas. New Year manicure 2020 – what kind of it? 2020 is the year of the White Metal Rat, so all kinds of straps, glitter, overflow coatings, silver foil, etc., will be more suitable for funky christmas nail design than ever. In combination with white snowflakes or freezing patterns, metallized coatings will look very stylish. You can also draw a symbol of the year, but it is not necessary. It is enough to get into the right color range. Good will be French with a stretch of glitter or a straining on the tips of the nails. Pretty nails will look in combination with white and pearl pigments. Various types of jewelry can be added to the design: strases, glitter, marmalade, stones, bulbs, decorative sand, flock, etc. And dont forget ,if your nails is not so good(short) for designs,you always can do acrylic or gel nails to realize your any crazy ideas.


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