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Gel or biogel nails

Oh, those nails… How many forces of nerves and money are invested in them, how many plots are said, and all for the ghost purpose – to become the owner of chic nails. It is a pity that sometimes even these efforts are not enough. They don ‘t want nails to become long, beautiful and well maintained. Unfortunately, but – a fact, not every one of us boasts wonderful nails from nature. There seems to be a wonderful way out – covering nails with biogel or Gel manicure.

Gel manicure: pros and cons

My nails were never long and healthy. Moreover, they are constantly layered and I have never seen them long. I never decided on a gel or acrylic build-up, and I think I ‘m unlikely to decide – I ‘m afraid to make it even worse.

When I read about gel manicure, my first impression can be formulated approximately like this – finally found a “cure for all diseases.” According to the advertising prospectus, Biogel ‘s nail cover has nothing to do with the build-up. Rather, it is a process of strengthening and restoring natural nails. No harm – only pros.

Gel manicure: pros and cons

In choosing such a manicure, I first of all wanted to get:

Beautiful and well-kept hands without any effort; Lacquer on the nails (as funny as it sounds, but on my nails I couldn ‘t even apply it – in a day or another, they were all like one – breaking down); The ability not to paint nails with lacquer every day.

In principle, I managed to achieve these three points. I did not aim to become the owner of long nails, I do not need length at all, I wanted that on my nails could paint some more varnish, except colorless “Smart enamel.”

Gel manicure: pros and cons

The process of covering nails with biogel lasts long enough (or I got such “manicurish”). The nails are only slightly sawing with such a thick saw, then majoring with a couple of means and actually applying the biogel itself. Three layers were applied to me, each of which had to be fixed under the lamp. On the biogel itself you can make French or any other pattern, you can also paint nails with lacquer. You can repaint them every day, only wash away the previous “beauty” with liquid to remove lacquer without acetone! It is important!!! The biogel itself – transparent – can safely walk simply with it and without varnish at all.

Many argue that the usual gel build-up and biogel are the same. With 100% confidence I will not say the opposite, but, I know, if you decide to remove the nascent nails, the gel will be sawed, and if you want to get rid of the biogel – it is necessary to put hands in a special solution, and “voila!” – no gel.

Gel manicure: pros and cons

Moreover, with the help of a biogel you will not build up anything – it is applied exclusively to the length of your native nail.

Biogel differs from gels, which are used for nail growth, composition – it is more sparing and does not contain aggressive components. Biogel does not require the usual and usual preparation of nails for application of material – that is, strong and often destructive grinding of the nail plate and subsequent treatment of the nail with aggressive acids…

A little is written about gel manicure, and I offer you a comparison table called “WHAT THEY PROMISE” and “HOW TO REALLY BE.” Let’s discredit myths together!

Gel manicure allows you to grow your natural nail plate under a gel coating.

Gel manicure: pros and cons

Summer make-up for every day

My nails really grew off. I never had one. BUT! Nails grow not because so good biogel and only because on nails there is no varnish which influences them very much and very harmful.

Under such a coating, the nail cannot be broken.

But this – not true – is very even possible, just will have to try harder.

Correction should be done once every 2-3 weeks.

I do once every 4 – my nails grow oh badly. The transition is not visible at all, but, as nails can be painted with any varnish, when the grown part is noticeable very well – just wash away this varnish and nanosha new.

After a gel manicure you can forget about your fingers for at least 2 weeks…

The fact is that the master should “seal” the free edge, and if, during the first coating your nails were too short and without this most free edge, “seal” will turn out – bad, and varnish will wash more often than desired, as a rule, on the sides and on the edges. From the outside looks normal, but in detailed study – still inexcusable.

The subsequent times showed the best result. But, uh, there ‘s all the varnish on the sides.

You don ‘t feel any discomfort

I don ‘t compare much with anything, there were no nascent nails, their long nails – too, only types. But, I can say one thing – with biogel convenient, I don ‘t even feel like there ‘s anything else on my nails other than lacquer.

Gel manicure: pros and cons

With a gel manicure, you can change the proportions of the nail plate

I can ‘t say anything, I initially have a good nail bed and I like my nail shape. So even though I have nothing to aspire to here.

Nails look natural because there is no boundary between natural plate and gel.

Looks exceptionally natural, no one even has questions, just note that beautiful and neat manicurist. The nail is not thick or blush.

Summary. Only you decide what nails to do, but the main thing is that you like it and enjoy it. And don ‘t forget about the sterility of the masters!


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