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Exclusive nails what are they?

Beautiful nails are always a confirmation of a woman’s grooming and her good taste, especially if she does not just manicure, but selects the most interesting novelties of diva nails.
An exclusive nails is presented with so many options that without a nail design there will not be a single one.

Бархатный маникюр


The incredible appearance of such a manicure can be confusing for many. The master used the usual gray nail polish, and on the nameless and average created a gradient using the same gray and raspberry. After that, using the latest technology, he applied short hairs on painted nails. Such a velvet manicure is not common, but perhaps it will be trendy next season.





Universal and at the same time exclusive nail design. On a black basis here is the original drawing – a lot of small balls. The order of their placement seems completely chaotic, but it is not. Each circle of balls has its own color and size. The middle and ring fingers are decorated with such a pattern. Bright overflows on the nails resemble images of an amazing kaleidoscope. Spectacular decoration of women’s hands for every day.

Черный матовый маникюр с точками

A unique manicure that only a professional can do will make you feel like the queen of any ball. Use black and pink varnishes, as well as nail extension technology. The longer they are, the more spectacular the manicure itself will be. On light nails, create a picture using gold casting, and on top decorate with an additional decor of rhinestones. Not a manicure, but a fairy tale!

Необычный маникюр

Water nail design always looks bright and stylish. Therefore, such a manicure is relevant to do in the summer season. The nails are painted with blue varnish using the “plain coating” technique. Decorate nails in the technique of “water stains.” This spotty decor looks bright and saturated on the nails. Blue manicure with a water design is a great option for a summer vacation.

Голубой маникюр

Nail piercing is suitable for girls who love to experiment. It is mounted on the free edge and is absolutely safe. Neat beads and rings look very original on the fingers.

Картинки по запросу необычные ногти


A next unusual manicure that today also is very widespread demonstrates a fretwork on nails. Modelling on nails can look very gently and elegantly, creating romantic and quivering characters. Nevertheless, an unusual manicure with a fretwork, that is often executed on sharp and long nails, can be so unexpected, that even able to cause shock at wider public, that will examine the figurines and bright floral compositions created from acrylic or gel. Такой an unusual manicure is often chosen by the women of art, theatrical and star дивы for that unusual manicure with a fretwork – fully normal.


Unusual manicure with granules is also called caviar, because the small granules that cover the nail plate look like eggs.

The original design of nails with granules can be created in a wide variety of colors. It looks very impressive. Such an unusual manicure can often be seen in chic evening looks.

An experimental design example was an unusual manicure with granules of different sizes and colors, as well as patterns on the nails created using this technique.

Картинки по запросу маникюр с гранулами

The fluffy nail design is an unusual manicure that will make you a woman predator.

An unusual manicure in the form of fluffy legs is covered with pieces of fur. An unusual manicure that imitates short fur and creates a soft texture also looks original.Картинки по запросу пушистый маникюр


And some interesting ideas for you:

Картинки по запросу пушистый маникюр

Картинки по запросу пушистый маникюр

Картинки по запросу пушистый маникюр

Картинки по запросу пушистый маникюр

Картинки по запросу маникюр гранулы

Картинки по запросу необычные ногти

Картинки по запросу необычные ногти

Картинки по запросу необычные ногти

Картинки по запросу необычные ногти

Картинки по запросу необычные ногти

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