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All by myself or how to do shellac at home

“Shellac” is a true salvation on vacation. This coating is not at all afraid of water and keeps on nails for two weeks for sure. We have for you – step-by-step instructions on how to make a manicure with gel polish yourself.

Картинки по запросу шеллак самой себе


Now cosmetic brands have begun to produce home sets with LED lamps. If there is no time and desire to sit for hours in the salon, you can create a gel manicure yourself, in some 30 minutes.

Bear in mind that it is correct to call “shellac” only products of the CND brand – a pioneer among persistent varnishes. But serious popularity made this word a household word: we say shellac, we mean a two-week manicure.

Shellac at home 1

Шеллак в домашних условиях 1STEP 1
They drank their nails and push the cuticle back with a spatula. Then wet the napkin with a degreasing agent and wipe the nail plates with it.

Шеллак в домашних условиях 2

Shellac at home 2
Did you do it? Apply on four nails (thumbs still do not touch) a thin layer of the base. And immediately put them in the lamp for exactly 1 minute.


Шеллак в домашних условиях 3

Shellac at home 3
Now take the gel polish. Having painted a fingernail, do not forget to “seal” it by drawing a brush along the outer edge – this way nothing will happen to him during the whole vacation. And fix the coating in the LED lamp: the instructions will indicate the exact drying time of the product (from 30 seconds to 3 minutes). Apply the second coat of varnish in the same way.


Шеллак в домашних условиях 4

Shellac at home 4
Are you done? To the manicure the whole vacation shone and looked as if you had just left the master, use the top coat. After applying it, immerse your fingers in the lamp again (from 30 seconds to 2 minutes).


Шеллак в домашних условиях 5

Shellac at home 5
Now, as at the very beginning, wipe the nail plates with a degreaser – to wash off the sticky coating that formed on them during the procedure. Remember: the napkin should be lint free.


Шеллак в домашних условиях 6

Ideally, it would be nice to soften the cuticle with oil – one or two drops is enough.

Now repeat steps 2-5 with your thumbs.

How to remove shellac at home
Lightly go over the nails with a file of abrasiveness of 180 units – so you remove the top layer of the coating.
Now wet the cotton pads with a special liquid (it is in any set for LED-manicure) and wrap your fingers in them. If you want to speed up the process – pack the limbs also in foil. Sit like that for 10 minutes.
Believe me, it’s worth it: the varnish will depart on its own.
If not, help him with an orange stick or a plastic scraper.

Как снять шеллак


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